One or our passions is small boats and kayaks and using the CNC router for cutting parts. The image below is a link to my kayak making website "Made Kayaks" and below that information on the other types of boats we can cut. What can I make for you? CORONA@SHAW.CA


I can provide the plywood cross sections for any fuselage style Skin on Frame boat that you can provide plans or offsets for. The cross sections are laid out on the computer and cut on our CNC router for perfect symmetry and precision. We can easily make minor changes for you and add a logo or boat's name while cutting. 


If you've ever looked into building a Stitch and Glue plywood boat you'll know there is usually a long wait to get it shipped and if you're Canadian the current exchange rate really adds to the price. I can offer as an alternative to cut the plywood parts from the plans you purchase and supply. Using my CNC router and the provided plans I can cut all the parts as precisely as the manufacturer and get them to you usually faster and less expensive. 

The plans can be from any of the popular providers but there are also free plans available. Before making the decision buy plans for cutting please contact me so I can review what will be provided to ensure I can do a quality job.


One great example of free plans that I offer kit cutting for is the Shrike by CNC Kayaks. It is a great Greenland style kayak with very detailed plans in multiple sizes which the designer provides for free. Cutting price is $500. You cover the cost of materials (this gives you options to choose type and thickness) and shipping. I can deliver for free anywhere on the lower half of Vancouver Island.