Ron Crown / Corona Arts - Resume


I have over 20 years of experience in the animation industry and have worked in every step of the process from cel painting to animating and from creating to producing.

My strengths and passions are on the creative side of animation, working with art and artists but I also have years of experience on the technical and production side. As a Creative Director I assemble animation teams, choose and teach software, and work with the client to create schedules and budgets. As an Animation Director I oversee the animation team, approve scenes or request revisions, and mentor the animators. As an animator I bring all my skills and passion to do the best work I can and being a Director has taught me to be very good at taking direction. 

I am comfortable working with either traditional frame by frame or computer generated animation with most of my experience being in 2D hand drawn and cut out styles using Flash, Harmony and TVP. I am also proficient in After Effects and Photoshop.

I am comfortable and experienced in meeting and working with clients for all aspects of a contract.

I specialize in creating pipelines for animation productions ranging from small one off specials to full TV series. I am proficient in most 2D animation and compositing programs.

As Creative Director at Bardel Entertainment I created the Digital Media Department and pioneered Flash animation for broadcast techniques. I was involved in all aspects of day to day operation including the hiring and training of crews and the development of new production techniques.

I have worked on over 30 multiple episode TV series in various director roles (supervising, animation, timing and storyboard) and numerous specials, shorts, web and educational animations.

I have set up and run a production with over 80 in house animators and 3 outsource studios that produced approximately 20 hours of animation.

I have extensive teaching experience; this has given me good verbal communication skills and the ability to get the best work possible from the crews working with me. I have taught at most schools in Vancouver including 4 years as Head Animation Instructor at Vancouver Film School, Classical and 3D departments.

I have access to a large talent pool and can put together a team specifically designed for any type of animated production whether it is an in house production or a crew of freelancers working remotely.                                        


Animation Director: New Machine Entertainment. 3 feature length 3D animated shows created in a virtual studio environment with all artist working from their own locations. 

Creative Director: Cackleberries Entertainment. 200+ Educational shorts and music videos. I set up the studio and we are one of the first Canadian studios using TVPaint to produce classical hand drawn style animation.   

Timing Director: Voltron - 26 x 1/2 hour episodes. Hired, trained and oversaw 2 other timers. Developed digital approach to sheet timing for more efficient and budget friendly production.                                                     

Department Head/Animation Director, Bardel Entertainment Flash and Harmony department. Approximately 5 years. I began the department, developed a how to animate in Flash system, hired, trained, oversaw the crew and worked as Animation Director on all the Flash broadcast series that went through the studio at that time.

Animation Director: Pearlie – Flash (26, ½ hour eps). Collaboration with Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney Australia.                                                   

Director: Wow Wow Wubbzy – Flash (13, ½ hours eps) – Rated #1 children’s animation show in the US.             

Creator & Director of “The Mr Dink Show”  (13, 7 min eps)                                                                                                      

    - First Flash animated broadcast series (Comedy Network)

    - First place: Grand Jury Prize, Best Animation, New York International Film Festival.

    - First place: Best Flash Animation at the Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival.

    - Bronze Award: Huston Film Festival.

    - Feature contributor for the book “Flash MX Design for TV “Wiley Publishing, Inc.                                                 


 Sheridan College, Classical Animation, 1985 to 1988 and every working day since.