A few things some very nice and talented people have said about working with me.


Roseann Tisserand    (VP, Production)

It is a pleasure to recommend Ron Crown.

As Line Producer and VP, Production, I have had the pleasure of working with and supervising Ron over 10 years in the roles of Director and Creative Producer.  

Ron’s enthusiasm and passion for animation are genuine and focused. Ron is keen on finding creative solutions to animation problems…not only is he keen, he has done this on at least 3 series I have directly worked with him on. All were a success and largely based on Ron’s desire to create a pipeline that worked for the studio, the artists, the client and the show itself. Ron also doesn't ask his crew to do anything he doesn't believe in or can’t stand behind.                                                                                

Many times I leaned on Ron to work through a pipeline, a quota concern, client expectations or strategize on how to breakthrough to a struggling animator. Ron understands the balance of keeping a team motivated and yet getting episodes done on time and on budget.  He cares about the industry, good work, talent, motivation and his team. I, also, personally relied on Ron for friendship, brainstorming and to be my conscience in bidding and solving problems when needed.

Barry Ward (Owner at Bardel Entertainment Inc.)

I have worked with Ron for many years and found him to be an outstanding animation professional. Experienced in all aspects of traditional as well as digital animation, Ron helped found Bardel's digital 2D department and built our first pipelines to produce Flash animation for television. He supervised Bardel's animation service jobs for Warner Bros., Disney, Turner and many other of our studio's major US clients. I have no hesitation in saying that I would recommend Ron to any studio looking for a talented, versatile, experienced and conscientious animation professional. 

Ian Freedman (Director)

I have had the pleasure of working with Ron on a number of occasions and have always found it to be a very positive and rewarding experience. Ron brings a wealth of knowledge (both technical and creative) as well as a pragmatic and realistic approach to any project he takes on.

Zoë Evamy (Senior Art Director)

 I worked with Ron on a number of animated TV shows at Bardel Entertainment. He has an impressive breadth of experience managing and directing sizeable teams, he has an easy manner and a passion for the art of animation which makes him one of the very best people to work with. Ron is a versatile artist who is equally comfortable handling spreadsheets, brainstorming, finding creative solutions and getting into the trenches with the crew to make sure the job gets done to the highest standards. I look forward to collaborating and working with Ron again.

Paul Johnson (Animation Director/Animator)

I have had the good fortune to work with Ron over the past several years in his capacity as both Animation and Technical Directors, and have always been impressed with his innate animation talent and strong ability to work with others. I hope to work with Ron again in future, and look forward to seeing what he does next with his considerable skills and experience. Plus he built a boat, that's very cool.                                             

Richard Rose (Animator)

I've had the pleasure of working with Ron on a number of animation projects. He is precise and clear in his directing abilities, and equally open to input from those around him. Recently, new software was introduced into a production setting that presented a significant learning curve for the staff. Ron was able to streamline our studying time by presenting us with a number of tools and shortcuts in the program that were specific to the job at hand, helping everyone to master it that much faster. He encourages people to continually hone their craft and try new things, and I gladly recommend him for any future directing opportunities that will arise.